Parallel Lines

I have despisedparallel linesin myyounger years. Two lines whichmirror each otherbut never getthe chance tofinally meet. It islike a curious nonsenselike the sweetest curselike an unfinished businesslike an unfulfilled prophecylike an overpromised potentialbut never an actuality. But now, I’m grateful thatparallel lines exist.Although they’renot meant to crossbut they’re thereto stay Read more…


She’s the most eloquentIn the realm of non-wordsWhere her every moveIs intended to meltYour titanium heartAs she reaches for itCarefully… Patiently…So she can transport it to herUnadulterated realityWhere all that is pure,Raw and simpleAre good. – AngelicaEH, “Sight”


Tell me, darling.What do youdaydream aboutthat you wantto bring to life? What…tickles your fancy?…makes you curiously wanting for more?…is this pure joy you’d like to engage in?…painstaking yet gratifying missiondo you wish to embark on? May yougive your selfa commendable permissionto do the thingsthat matter most to you. And may Read more…


I think art exists not to amass money. Instead, it is a necessary tool to express and to evolve our soul. Sharing it is a gift. Acquiring money out of it is a bonus. Now, there is a lost art of joy from engaging oneself in various hobbies because people expect that they can milk those to dollars.