The In-between

I don’t really believe in multi-tasking. It’s like half-assing one thing while half-assing another. I’m beginning to suspect that this is a capitalist lie because it is as if humans can outdo the machines. Although machines can produce immensely, humans who commit to something wholeheartedly can create not only superb results but also a greater sense of direction. We’re not running speedily towards a cliff. We’re building bridges to surpass the cliff and make it alive to the other end.

On Self-Forgiveness

It’s funny you know, that we have seen films such as The Prestige (2006), Perfume (2006), The Black Swan (2010), The Birdman (2014) and I, Tonya (2017) and still get seduced by being labeled as a perfectionist as if it implies infallibility when in fact, it is actually a refusal to accept our mistakes and to fully embrace our humanity as a way forward.

Not Corrective Listening

I reckon that empathetic listening is rare because not everyone – on an individual level is even willing to sit down with their own garbled, blurry, and unnamed feelings. Although difficult, this life skill is not impossible to acquire since it asks for our patience and practice. Unnamed feelings are dangerous as they can bring harm to ourselves and later on, to others.

The Invisible Enemy

Covid-19 virus continues to take lives and wreak havoc in the economy. Businesses keep on re-strategizing in order to keep everyone afloat. Knowing which should come first in our to-do list is the key to everybody’s survival.

Tagpi-Tagping Tagpo: Isagani

May mga bagay na sana may nagsabi sa atin nang mas maaga o may naghanda – na mas masakit pala ang mabagal na proseso ng paghihilom keysa sa mismong sugat na naglikha ng sakit na ito. Ganun pa man, kahit anong yugto nito, likas pa rin sa atin ang ipagpatuloy ang pagsulong.

Inner Revolution

Go careful with yourself, my Love.Hold space for emotions that come out of the surface.Sit still. Feel them all.Catch them through your scribblesas they jump franticallyin the corners of your own mind.Pacify them through your words and doodles.Offer your undivided presence.Soothe them one by one, unhurriedly.Grieve, if you must.Mourn all Read more…