I thought
I was a warrior,
ready to swing my sword
to every neck of those who
…hurt you
…betrayed you
…abandoned you
…& taught you
to hide your heart.

As I gave my sword
one full swing
to face and end them all,
I saw the faces
of all those
you love or loved.

Frozen in mid-air,
I released the sword
from my hands &
fell to my knees.

I realized
you hate them because
they hurt you.

They have hurt you because
you love them

and you thought
I would do the same.

I knew what to do next.

I stood up,
left my sword on the ground
walked toward you
& sat by your side.

Slowly, I tried to
touch your hands
carefully, gently
caressing each
wounded side with tenderness.

I wrapped them
cautiously with a bandage
and decided
to hold them for
as long as I can.

I’ll make sure my love
is stronger, louder
than the ghosts
of fear & pain
that haunt you at night.

And maybe, one day
your healed hands
can find the courage to
grab the key
and unlock where
you hide your heart.

“Their Scars Look Like Smiles” by AngelicaEH

Cut your friends’ sorrows and sadness by making them feel they are never alone.
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Yolanda Buscato
Yolanda Buscato
1 year ago

The words are simple and the lines are understandable for someone like me not realy fond of poems or poetry. The entire subject is really good , you got me Angel!👍🤩👏

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