The furry kids hurriedly
made a camp outdoor,
pushed their wiggly snouts
against our gate’s holes,
attempting to sniff your scent
through the cold thin air.

Hours have gone by,
they looked back at me
with nagging & judging eyes,
as I was standing beside the door
wearing my nightclothes on.

I let out an inaudible sigh,
clenched my teeth together
and grimaced,
“I know, my babies,
but it’s not tonight.”

Distance, hiding in the dark,
roared a burst of thunderous laughter,
sinisterly mocking the three of us.
I sulked off to the sofa
and saw the fervor
in their eyes dimmed.

I shot them one pleading glance
while affirming, “I know, this LDR sucks.
Better if we trudge off to bed
and wait after one more night’s rest.”

Wishes invaded our dreams
so persistent
we talked through our sleep,

“Minutes feel like days
Hours like weeks
Days like months
And we have no interest in
counting the years.

So be on your way
Get back here safe
Be home soon
Not only for you
But also for our sake.”

“Fur Those Who Keep Waiting” by AngelicaEH

Show your furbabies how they mean the world to you.
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