It’s not multi-tasking,
it’s multi-switching.

It’s not you being focused,
It’s you numbing yourself from pain
either through your distractions
or over-stimulations.

It’s not you being productive.
it’s you wanting to run away from something
through your to-do list
like a hamster exhausting
itself on its wheel
not knowing where all these
begin and end
anchoring your identity
with your performative acts
as if these imply all your worth
in order to assuage & silence your demons
while garnishing your plate daily
showing off your deceiving smiles
but unable to conceal
your anguished eyes.

Oh dear..
Why don’t you just bleed
So you can finally breathe?
Why don’t you just sit still for a little while,
So your soul won’t
keep chasing your body
that’s always moving
in an urgent haste?

If you truly know your value,
then why do you need other people
to remind you how great you are?
If you truly know your value
then there’s nothing to prove.
There’s only something
to enjoy doing.
To get in touch with your joy
is to be of service.
Anything less than that
is violence.

– “What Grief Looks Like” by AngelicaEH

May our grief becomes our permission slip to feel all range of emotions in order to heal and to honor what it means to be human whenever we experience drastic changes and loss.
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