Go careful with yourself, my Love.
Hold space for emotions that come out of the surface.
Sit still. Feel them all.
Catch them through your scribbles
as they jump frantically
in the corners of your own mind.
Pacify them through your words and doodles.
Offer your undivided presence.
Soothe them one by one, unhurriedly.
Grieve, if you must.
Mourn all your cancelled plans and expectations.
Cry over the unsettling feeling of fear of the unknown.
Then, peace will eventually come and visit you.
As it unshakably holds your hands.
When you can go nowhere but where you already are,
When you cannot reach the farthest end of any site,
May you unearth the innermost depth of your soul’s insight.
Be present. Be here. Be in the now.
March forward. One foot above the other. Adapt. Improvise.
Let the warrior in you in this strange time arise.  

– AngelicaEH, “Inner Revolution”

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