Creating something
out of nothing
is nothing short of miracles.

Creativity does not
happen because
of one’s ego
or one’s urge to
prove something
to the world.

It happens because
you already know that
you are enough,
you are worthy &
you are complete.
And suddenly, this
magical idea-fairy
chooses you
works with you
collaborates with you
in order for you
to bring forth and
to give birth
to something that
has not yet
happened before
Or something
you have
never done before.

Because you feel loved,
You can easily give love,
And through this catalyst,
Guides you
Sustains you
Nurtures you
to create something
Out of that surplus
So all those people
Can receive and feel
your tangible
gift of love.
– “Unravel” by AngelicaEH

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