45 Days of Weathering the Storm

I wrote this at the time when Jhois and I were recovering from the dreaded covid virus. Since she had it first, I honestly thought the virus wouldn’t hit me because we observed all the precautions needed. I even completed my daily activities with more zest. When I got it after three days, I really wanted that we could recover from this fast. I remember I argued a couple of times with my father over the phone then, persuading him to take the vaccine because we were already feeling this growing terror of how this virus was affecting our bodies. We didn’t have the vaccines yet. We were still waiting for our turn. The elderly group was prioritized at that time. Because of this, it took us 45 days to get back to our feet. Now, we have all the shots that we need but the sudden spikes of covid positive cases in different regions of our country always keep us on our toes.