What Grief Looks Like

I remember during the first few months of this pandemic, Jhois and I were vacillating between being joyful (the longest time we were physically together due to work from home setup) and being furiously sad (what’s happening outside was just crazy). We were also vacillating from overfunctioning and underfunctioning (common responses to grief) at home. Nothing wrong with these, actually. Then, we felt we were in this dreadful spiral and we needed a breather. So, we decided to stop and pause. We tried new habits such as “crying breaks”, “laughing breaks”, “shouting breaks”, “sound/music-chilling” and a more frequent walk-in-the-park with my Father and our dog, Maple. Gradually, things appear clearer. We managed to be calm then we focus on what we can control while praying for better days to come, not only for us but for everyone.

On Giving and Receiving

I always remind myself of how Brene Brown sees the act of giving. She says, “Until we can receive with an open heart, we’re never really giving with an open heart. When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgment to giving help.” We will always be in need of help because we’re humans. We cannot always have it all at a certain time. I always remind myself of the courage it took for a person to ask for help and probably, sooner or later, I’ll be needing help from somebody else as well. We’re never meant to handle everything alone. Being turned down by other people doesn’t mean the whole world turns its back on us. All we have to do is to keep on knocking.


I think the best part of moving forward is that this phase introduces us to better versions of ourselves we did not know we have inside of us until this crisis shakes us. I’m willing to meet her every single day. It won’t be easy but I’m on it.

The In-between

I don’t really believe in multi-tasking. It’s like half-assing one thing while half-assing another. I’m beginning to suspect that this is a capitalist lie because it is as if humans can outdo the machines. Although machines can produce immensely, humans who commit to something wholeheartedly can create not only superb results but also a greater sense of direction. We’re not running speedily towards a cliff. We’re building bridges to surpass the cliff and make it alive to the other end.

Inner Revolution

Go careful with yourself, my Love.Hold space for emotions that come out of the surface.Sit still. Feel them all.Catch them through your scribblesas they jump franticallyin the corners of your own mind.Pacify them through your words and doodles.Offer your undivided presence.Soothe them one by one, unhurriedly.Grieve, if you must.Mourn all Read more…